YAG Peripheral Iridotomy

The laser iridotomy is performed in the laser room at the Ambulatory Surgery Center. You don't have to go to the working room. You don't require any blood work or a therapeutic exam before the methodology. You will be wakeful; however your eye will be numbed. The laser system is concise – it takes between 1-2 minutes for the whole strategy. There are no limitations on your exercises after the technique.
Your vision may be blurry for a couple of minutes after the strategy; however your vision ought to return right away.
Laser fringe iridotomy is a medicine for tight plot glaucoma. The specialist utilizes an Nd: yag laser to make a little opening in the fringe iris. This enhances the dissemination of liquid inside the eye and enlarges the foremost chamber point. Liquid which is handled behind the iris has less demanding access to the eye's inner seepage framework. At times this brings down the intraocular weight; however that is not the essential objective of laser fringe iridotomy. The essential objective of the strategy is to decreases the danger of intense edge conclusion glaucoma.

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