Visual Field

The Visual Field is measured by perimetry. This may be dynamic, where purposes of light are moved inwards until the onlooker sees them, or static, where purposes of light are flashed onto a white screen and the spectator is asked to press a catch in the event that he or she sees it. The most well-known border utilized is the robotized Humphrey Field Analyzer and Heidelberg Edge Perimeter.
An alternate system is to utilize a campimeter, a little gadget intended to measure the visual field.
Examples testing the focal 24 degrees or 30 degrees of the visual field are most normally utilized. Most borders are likewise equipped for testing the full field of vision.
An alternate technique is for the professional to hold up 1,2, or 5 fingers in the four quadrants and focus of a patient's visual field (with the other eye secured). On the off chance that the patient can report the amount of fingers appropriately as contrasted and the visual field of the expert, the ordinary outcome is recorded as "full totally fingers" (regularly shortened FTCF). The blind side can additionally be surveyed through holding a little red protest between the expert and the patient. By analyzing when the red article vanishes for the expert, a patient's strangely huge blind side could be distinguished.

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