Squint Oculoplastics refers to surgical procedures designed to enhance the capacity and appearance of the eyelids, skin and muscle tissue encompassing the eye, brow and the entire face. Contingent upon the interesting vision needs and tasteful objectives of every patient, our encountered specialists may prescribe and perform a synthesis of such methodology as blepharoplasty and/or forehead lift. Likewise, they additionally offer the insignificantly obtrusive and powerful Botox and Restylane medicines to give unobtrusive yet wonderful tasteful upgrades.

By what means if I realize that my kid has an eye issue/ Squint?

Examine your kid while he/she is playing on viewing a book/TV and note if any of the following is available.

  • Squeezing his/her eyes while taking a gander at Book/TV/Toys.
  • Tilting the head while talking, strolling/ playing
  • Going to near the book or TV.
  • Recurrent eye torments, migraines.
  • Avoids perusing, coloring more often than not.
  • Has awful penmanship at school.
  • Eyes turning inwards/outwards.
  • Difficulty in seeing in daylight, splendid light on the night.
  • Itching, watering.
Should all children should be screened?

All kids ought to be seen by an eye specialist surprisingly at 3-4 years of age .however in the event that any of the accompanying are available then the youngster ought to be brought to the eye specialist at the soonest:

  • One on both folks wearing glasses
  • History of consanguity (marriage around cousins) in crew
  • Premature conveyance
  • Birth weight short of what 1.5 Kgs.
  • History of any inborn imperfections like heart, kidney and so forth.
  • History of febrile fits or any shaking.
  • History of confirmation in the ICU- hatching/ ventilation given to youngster.
  • Behavioral issue or any developmental postpone in the youngster.
  • History of visual impairment and retinal ailment in crew.
Why should an eye doctor see a child?
  • Early location of visual perception issue offers ascent to better vision advancement.
  • Good vision revision causes great execution at school and home.
  • Squinting of eye if diagnosed early could be treated with activities and glasses in a few cases.
  • It is conceivable to give the tyke great binocular (coordinated) improvement of eyes.
  • Other behaviouaral, social issues if shows in the tyke will additionally benefit in their medication.
What are offered serviced?
  • Comprehensive preschool examination
  • Watery eye assessment
  • ROP screening
  • Squint center
  • Glasses solution
  • Lazy eye Screening

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