Gonioscopy is particularly important in instances of pseudo exfoliation, pigmentary glaucoma, tumors or past trauma. In any case, it’s critical to do it on the sum of your glaucoma patients on the grounds that you have to recognize what a solid point looks like so as to diagnose an infected plot. Besides, you would prefer not to be corroded when gonioscopy all of a sudden turns into a key some piece of a case.
Gonioscopy is one of the all the more testing eye examination systems for ophthalmology inhabitants to take in. Lamentably, in clinical practice gonioscopy is not executed as frequently as it ought to be. In an investigation of 193 essential open point glaucoma outlines from a group based example in the United States, just 51.3% of patients had gonioscopy performed at starting presentation (Hertzog LH, Albrecht KG, Labree L, Lee PP. Ophthalmology 1996; 103:1009-13). Gonioscopy is a basic some piece of the eye examination. There is much to be seen by gonioscopy – not basically whether the iridocorneal point is open or closed.

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