Fundus Examination

The Fundus of the eye is the inner part surface of the eye, inverse the lens, and incorporates the retina, optic plate, macula and fovea, and back post. The fundus might be inspected by ophthalmoscopy and/or fundus photography. The term fundus might additionally be comprehensive of Bruch's film and the choroid.
The color of the fundus fluctuates both between and inside species. In one investigation of primates the retina is blue, green, yellow, orange, and red; just the human fundus (from a gently pigmented fair individual) is red. The significant contrasts noted around the "higher" primate species [clarification needed] where size and normality of the fringe of macular range, size and state of the optic circle, clear "texturing" of retina, and pigmentation of retina.

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