Applanation Tonometry

Applanation Tonometry is as of now acknowledged to be the most precise clinical system for measuring the IOP. This strategy in a roundabout way measures the IOP by gaging what amount of energy it takes to smooth the cornea over a settled surface region. This might be similar to pressing the palm of your hand against the surface of an inflatable. On the off chance that the blow up does not have much air in it and it is delicate, then it doesn't take much constrain to blanket the palm of your hand with the surface of the inflatable? In the event that the inflatable has a ton of air in it and it is hard, it will take more constrain to blanket the palm of your hand with the blow up. The expression applanate signifies "to straighten".
The settled surface region is the level tip of the tonometer head. Weight is connected to the cornea through the tip by turning the dial on the tonometer, which discharges weight from a spring inside the tonometer as the dial is moved at the higher numbers. The altered surface range of the tip is secured by the corneal surface when within ring of the mires only touch as saw through the visual of the opening lamp.
Preference of this technique is that it is mounted on the opening light magnifying lens, giving a stable base from which to handle the instrument. Nonetheless, the opening light mount is a burden in that the instrument is not convenient. An alternate weakness is that fluorescein color and a topical soporific must be ingrained into the eye. The fluorescein color helps in review the mires and the soporific is required in light of the fact that the tip touches the cornea.

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